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Announcing Flexi Bounce Therapy

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Rebound Therapy is exercise therapy which uses a full-sized trampoline to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across virtually the whole spectrum of special needs”;  E.G.Anderson, Founder of Rebound Therapy, the official UK body, Worldwide Federation and Consultancy responsible for the development and provision of certified and accredited training courses and development of overseas training partners.

Flexi-Bounce Therapy was developed by the team and is the perfect complement to Rebound Therapy. It can be used by Parents/Carers as a stand alone activity at home or 1:1 by a specialist practitioner or centre, or as an “in between sessions” complement to scheduled Rebound Therapy sessions.

Rebound Fitness has developed the orthopaedic quality Fit Bounce Pro XL rebounder which has been approved by for Flexi-Bounce Therapy.

Every purchase of the Fit Bounce Pro XL comes with FREE access to the Flexi Bounce Home Use online programme developed by so parents/carers and specialist practitioners can continue this wonderful Flexi-Bounce therapy on a daily basis in the comfort of their own home.


For every user of the Flexi Bounce Home User programme Rebound Fitness are donating to Sullivan’s Heroes in return for the videos and tutorials provided by Rebound Therapy for the Flexi-Bounce Home User programme Therapy.

All funds donated will be used towards home adaptation grants for the disabled children Sullivan’s Heroes is supporting.

There are numerous families in the UK with disabled children, needing to adapt their homes to meet the child’s care and health requirements. Whilst council grants may be available, in many cases these don’t fulfil the needs and additional funds, often quite substantial, are required for the building project.

Sullivan’s Heroes offers fundraising support specifically for these vital home adaptations. The charity raises funds to provide a fundraising platform and financial grants to help these families striving to create the optimal environment to continue to care for their child at home, safely and with dignity.

For more information on this inspirational charity, or to make a donation,  visit the Sullivan’s Heroes website.

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