Flexi Bounce for Children & Young People with SEND


Flexi Bounce for Confidence and Flexi Bounce Therapy are comprehensive graded exercise and development programmes for the use of an orthopaedic quality rebounder by children and adults across a wide spectrum of additional needs, including those Children and Young People with SEND needs.

This Online Training Programme is for anyone wishing to work 1:1 with a child or adult with additional needs and enables the student to benefit from fun therapy sessions on a daily basis, at home, with their therapist or at a centre. Flexi-Bounce Therapy can be offered as as stand-alone activity or as an “in between sessions” complement to scheduled Rebound Therapy sessions. Flexi-Bounce for Confidence can also be used to enhance the Rebound Fit classes so that Children and Young People with SEND needs, and those without, can participate in the same rebounding class.

Once you have purchased your Flexi-Bounce course, our Training team will be in contact via email with your Registration and Login details.

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Flexi Bounce Overview

Flexi Bounce for Confidence is aimed at those pupils who may not have a SEND diagnosis but who lack confidence/coordination to exercise, and, for more independent Children and Young People with SEND needs, those who can follow instruction and bounce on the rebounder with no physical support from the instructor.

It comprises 6 steps:

  1. Study of reading material,
  2. Study of Flexi-Bounce Therapy exercises for ambulant students, together with student record sheets,
  3. Study of Brain Stimulation exercises and accompanying worksheet,
  4. Individual exercise video clips for recapping and cross referencing with worksheet,
  5. Short theory assessment paper based on reading material in Step 1 and general workplace situations,
  6. Practical assessment by video. (Candidates will be asked to get someone to film them on a mobile phone demonstrating the teaching points of some skills.)

Flexi Bounce Therapy is aimed at Children and Young People with SEND needs who require one or more instructors to provide physical support to aid them during the excercise.

It comprises 6 steps:

  1. Study of the reading material
  2. Study of the video of practical aspects
  3. Study of the video of how to measure and record progress and provide evidence of outcomes. Comes with downloadable student record sheets.
  4. Completion of the assessment paper
  5. Practical assessment. (By video. Candidates will be asked to get someone to film them on a mobile phone demonstrating the teaching points of some skills.)
  6. Certification. Post-certification we will provide the candidate with additional reading material and video demonstrations

Pre- and post- requisites

You will need use of a ReboundTherapy.org approved rebounder – like the Fit Bounce Pro XL.

Ideally you will have experience of and interest in working with children or adults with additional needs, OR, will be a Rebound Fitness qualified Instructor, or Rebound Therapy certified Instructor looking to expand your knowledge and services.

The Instructor must be capable of learning to use the rebounder equipment themselves and must be able to make a full and accurate assessment of the students abilities and from that assessment be able to help the student achieve stated goals, which as in any other learning situation should be in small, achievable steps.

If an Instructor requires additional information to help assess suitability for the training- please contact us and we will arrange a call back with one of our Master Trainers.

Please note that for health and safety reasons Flexi Bounce for Confidence and Flexi Bounce Therapy classes are only permitted to be taught on our certified commercial rebounders that have been specifically approved for Flexi Bounce use.

Once certified, you will receive ongoing newsletters from ReboundTherapy.Org and Rebound Fitness (you can unsubscribe at any time).

You will also be able to join the Rebound Fit membership should you wish to (it is mandatory for Rebound Fit instructors).

Benefits of the membership include:

  • Live and Pre-recorded new choreography for Instructors
  • licence free music and playlists
  • rights to use Rebound Fit logo & marketing materials including social media posts and celebrity videos & endorsements
  • business and social media support
  • discounts on branded workout wear and exercise equipment.
  • Also permitted to participate in Sales referral programme to earn commission from your contacts!

Additional information

Which Flexi Bounce Course

Flexi Bounce for Confidence (SEN), Flexi Bounce Therapy (SEND)

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