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Maximus Pro Bungee Mini Trampoline


Buy the Maximus Pro Bungee Rebounder to experience a soft, silent landing giving the perfect bounce to release feel good endorphins through the continuous upward and free fall phase of jumping – important for our mental health!


  • Non-folding Maximus Pro Bungee rebounder
  • Rebounding DVD with 4 progressive rebounding workouts
  • Lifetime FREE Membership to 100s of awesome Online rebounding workouts for all levels and variety of genres/durations

Max user weight 150kgs/330lbs.

Handle bar available as a separate purchase < include link>

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Best for a daily bouncing!

FEEL BETTER & LOOK AMAZING – Scientists have shown that when you use a quality rebounder mini trampoline the continuous upward and free fall phase of jumping release feel good endorphins important for our mental health.The Maximus Pro Bungee Rebounder has twice as many bungee connectors that normal indoor trampolines than normal indoor trampolines giving you an incredible feel-good experience!
Feel the difference with just 5 - 20 minutes of bouncing a day!

Quietest Bounce!

The Maximus Pro Bungee rebounder has a silent bounce so you can bounce anywhere anytime. Our non-folding pro rebounder is extremely robust, tested up to 150kg person with 60 strong connectors perfectly tensioned for health & fitness training making it the strongest bungee mini trampoline on the market.

Maximus health benefits

Beautifully designed to ensure the best lymphatic drainage to detox the body, tone muscles, tighten the skin, dramatically increase core strength, improve posture helping you to achieve your ideal physique and body shape.

Perfectly sprung to give a very low impact bounce yet still weight bearing activity essential to build healthy bones, muscles, and joints.

Best for daily bouncing!

The Maximus Pro Bungee rebounder is a non-folding mini-trampoline perfect to leave up in your home to bounce every day (or fold the spring loaded legs down and store under a sofa or bed!) or to use in a group exercise setting.
Our patented bungee connector design has twice the many connectors than other brand models with super strong bungee cords to ensure you get a perfect resilient bounce.
We have an adjustable handle bar to fit this model should you require additional balance support.

Bouncing just 20 minutes a day improves your cardiovascular fitness very quickly and will activate the lymphatic system to drain away toxins from your body. This in turn improves the immune system and helps to get rid of toxins that are stored in the fat cells so leading to quicker weight loss.

So, 20 minutes a day to improve your health, fitness levels and mental wellbeing!

With the Maximus Pro Bungee rebounder being so easy and quick to set up and put way there is nothing stopping you in your daily bounce!

Benefits of Rebounding

Rebound Fitness will have you “Jumping for Joy” with our high quality home rebounders and online video workouts with plenty of workout variety for the whole family to have FUN whilst working out.

There are many scientifically proven health and fitness benefits of rebounding and it is important to choose a high quality mini-trampoline if these benefits are to be achieved.

Our great Rebound Fitness workouts incorporate important exercises and movement patterns such as squats, lunges, twists, pushes and sprints between bursts of jogging and bouncing, all on a low impact surface.

The “base jump” or “basic bounce” move is the foundation move to all our workouts.

Rebounding has many health & fitness benefits. Here are a few to highlight:

  • Incredible Weight Loss – due to the G-force created by bouncing. Research has proven it is more effective than jogging for calorie burn
  • Lymphatic Drainage – whilst you are exercising, the G-force created forces the lymph nodes to open/close during exercise ridding the body of toxins very efficiently during and after exercise
  • Kind to joints due to the low impact nature of the surface of the rebounder mat and the high quality spring/bungee design
  • Strengthens every cell in your body – changes body shape, strengthens core, tightens skin and tones muscles. Strengthens the pelvic floor and bladder.
  • Increases bone density – as proven by N.A.S.A. research on Astronauts returning from space

Product specifications

Dimensions: The frame is approx. 100cm (40 inches) in diameter, the mat surface is approx. 71cm (28 inches) in diameter and the rebounder stands 25cm (10 inches) from the ground

Weight: The Maximus Pro Rebounder weighs 14kg (30lb) and is carefully weighted to prevent the Rebounder moving across the floor when bouncing.

User Weight: is 150kgs (330lbs)

Includes: non-folding rebounder, rebounding workout DVD with 4 progressive workouts, FREE Lifetime access to 100s Online workouts

Bounce in bare feet or cross trainers specially designed grip socks to experience bare foot bouncing more comfortably.

Warranty and Spare Parts : register for warranty here and as we design and manufacture ourselves please contact us for spare parts anytime

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